Episode 65: My Hate is Delicious 

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Josh and Patrick have a special guest for Halloween this year. Michael Barnett returns to talk with us about Marvel’s Phase 3 lineup, Cowboy Bebop coming to Blu-Ray, SyFy’s return to sci-fi programming and a veritable Halloween candy sack of other things.

The Raven

Happy Halloween everybody! As a way to celebrate one of my favorite holidays, I put together a reading of one of my favorite poems.  Edgar Allen Poe’s The Raven.

In a world where mainstream horror has become nearly synonymous with being startled, I’m proud to breathe life into a poem that exemplifies the simple, understated horrors we’ve all felt at one point or another:  Isolation, loss, and the uncertainty of whether we may be crazy or that perhaps the world is a stranger, scarier place than we realize.

Episode 64: Rule 34 does not apply

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This week Josh and Patrick, discuss real languages from fictional worlds, HBO’s plans for stand alone streaming, Star Wars concept art, why there’s no need for some porn,  and Halloween pot candy.

Episode 62: How I Ended Your Mother

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SPOILER ALERT for anyone who hasn’t seen the finale of How I Met Your Mother as it’s the major topic of our conversation this episode.  We also discuss the change in season and the lengthening of holidays.

Episode 61: Damn Near Killed ‘Em

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This week, Josh and Patrick delve into the statute of limitations on spoilers, Fight Club, Chromecast, the Satanic Temple children’s activity book and much more. Sit down, relax and enjoy A Moment of Screaming.