2 thoughts on “Episode 51: Apex Preda-dorks”

  1. Another great episode, fellows. A couple things though:

    If you are interested in EVE online, you should check out this episode I recently listened to of one of my other regular podcasts. It has a serial EVE spy/infiltrator going over some of her experiences. Fascinating.

    Secondly, as you may know, X-Men are sort of my bag so I spent most of the last part of this episode screaming at my monitor. Here’s a handful of “well-actuallies.”

    –Apocalypse doesn’t have heralds–he has horsemen, I think you’re combining Apocalypse with Galactus, which would actually be sort of awesome.
    –Warpath’s power is basically being a super athlete (maybe on par or a hair above Captain America level). He also has super senses, which is what makes him good at tracking. Also, he can fly I think, but I’m pretty sure all the writers try to forget that. That doesn’t mean most people that write him aren’t racist though.
    –Sunspot absorbs sunlight to make him stronger. They made him the Human Torch here for some unknown reason (even though Sunfire has that powerset covered for the X-Men). I might’ve argued that they were trying for a more diverse team (Sunspot is Brazilian, I think, in the comics), but Sunfire is Japanese.
    –I agree with Josh that Magneto earned a spot in the mansion at the end. Especially since he’s been on the team in the comics for the last five years, which makes me think they were just resetting everything back to X2 and not getting things closer to the comics.
    –Speaking of the mansion (and to directly contradict what I just said), Rogue’s inability to touch people got better recently.
    –That biohazard guy was supposed to be Ink, which baffles me as he’s one of the lamest mutants ever. His power is that his tattoos each of a specific power based on what is pictured (so a biohazard tattoo make people sick, for instance). If you don’t think that’s lame enough, the big “twist” in the books was that his powers actually came about because his tattoo artist was a mutant (making Ink just a human who has trouble at job interviews).

    Whew, that’s way more than I meant to write on that. Anyway, great episode. Keep ’em coming!

    1. Now I want to see Apocalactus, that would be awesome. Thanks for the clarification on Warpath and Ink. I think Ink could be cool if done right, I like of powers manifesting through art. However, being tattooed by a mutant and having powers from it is kinda lame. Thanks for listening and filling in some of the gaps in our mutant knowledge base!

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