4 thoughts on “Episode 63: Panthe-awesome”

  1. Yeah! The Cloak & Blaster is pretty great. It’s mostly for board game fans. They do have one or two video game systems, but I’ve never seen them not being used.

    Problem is that it’s really loud and often crowded, so it can sometimes be hard to play games (or even sit down sometimes, especially with a larger group). I’ve found the best time to go is really late (like midnight+) or on a holiday (4th of July had only about a half or 2/3 of the tables filled, and most of them with people dressed as Captain America). I’m also more of a liquor man, but their beer selection is pretty good. (Stay away from the food though.)

    Also, the staff is amazing.

    Oops, that accidentally turned into a mini-review. The point is you two should def check it out.

  2. Oh, Pat, I also wanted to bring up the two video game bars in the Orlando area, just in case you missed out them (like I had for way too long). And I think you’re more into video games than board games, right?

    The BART in downtown is a little arcade/bar. It has about a dozen classic arcade cabinets (mostly from the 80s and 90s) that change every couple weeks (that are all free to play). Plus beer. Last time I was there I “accidentally” watched the entire Howard the Duck movie.

    Also, there’s Player One sort of over by Disney. This place is a huge arcade with newer cabinet games (I played the X-Men for at least an hour last time I was there) and a room with XBoxes and the like. You pay a cover fee (it was something like $10 or $15 maybe) and then you can play the games for free. Plus, all of their bartenders are in cosplay. Since this place is nearish to I-Drive, it’s kind of expensive though.

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