Episode 5: Self-empowerment is for Wimps

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Enlarge your mind with this weeks episode.  Josh learns to code, a boy in Africa builds a radio station out of garbage, another boy programs python scripts for Minecraft, and Pat watches tv.  Also, we bitch about the Oscars.

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One thought on “Episode 5: Self-empowerment is for Wimps”

  1. As far as the Academy Awards go, here’s an interesting question; Why do they have a set number of nominations for each category? That would imply that every year has the same number of films that show excellence in each category. If it was truly about recognizing excellence their would not be a set number of nominations every year. They would just nominate as few or as many films as deemed fit every year.

    Wreck it Ralph was flat out better than Brave. I liked Brave but lets be honest, it was one of Pixar’s weakest movies by a long way. Wreck it Ralph had worlds more emotional connection, and I don’t mean the video game reference nostalgia. If you didn’t get a little choked up when Ralph smashes the car you have no soul lol. Or when Ralph tries to sacrifice himself. Even the scenes with Felix and the Military lady had more depth than anything in Brave.

    In short I’m with ya josh in your view of the Oscar’s. I don’t think they are about recognizing excellence in film. I like to call it “The Great Hollywood In-Crowd Circlejerk.”

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