Episode 111: Cocaine Rats

AMoS Cover 1In this week’s episode Josh and Patrick discuss the simple pleasures of crafting in video games (specifically, Fallout 4 and Stardew Valley), the joys and difficulties of having multiple game systems (specifically Wii U and XBox One) and the new gaming highlights channel in our Discord server.  So pester us for an invite and come talk to us after enjoying this weeks episode of A Moment of Screaming!

Episode 92: The Wasteland’s not so bad…

AMoS Cover 1

This week is a spoiler-cast for Fallout 4 and Jessica Jones, so if you haven’t played and or seen them yet, you might want to do that before listening to this episode.  You have been warned.

Episode 91: Into the Void, Into the Future

AMoS Cover 1

Josh and Patrick get into some new video games in the episode.  Patrick cheats through Star Craft II:Legacy of the Void and Josh builds his own shanty town in Fallout 4.  Plus, Patrick gets himself a Steam Controller.