Valentines Day Massacre

AMoS Cover 1This week Josh and Patrick express their true feelings for one another… Then, in spite of the vitriolic hatred, somehow manage to record an episode filled with talk of video games, the public library and tons of other fun stuff.  So enjoy this weeks episode of A Moment of Screaming and Happy Valentines Day!

Episode 108: We Forget to talk about Andromeda

AMoS Cover 1This week our intrepid space-farers discuss the Mass Effect Series, the Nintendo Switch, and the Year of the Rooster Blizzard Events.  So, relax and join Josh and Patrick for another exciting episode of A Moment of Screaming.

Episode 25: Things get Indecent

AMoS Cover 1

This week, we talk about Mass Effect 3, conspiracy theory for Pixar movies and the comedy stylings of Redd Foxx.

Links Discussed: